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Based in Stuttgart Grazia has been supporting a large number of mostly young companies, often from their foundation to the Initial Public Offering or eventual sale.

In contrast to other venture capital firms, we predominantly work with our own capital that we invest as entrepreneurs. This results in the following advantages and benefits for our portfolio companies:

Having invested through two severe financial market crises, Grazia has proven that we weather stormy times. At the end of the day, fairness, empathy and passion are the essential values that shape our decisions, actions and our lives.

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Our Investment Focus

We love great entrepreneurs as well as big, world-changing innovations and ideas. Our enthusiasm is generally not limited to particular industries. Nevertheless the following success criteria are important to us:

Our Team

The Grazia partner team includes entrepreneurial investors who like to move big ideas forward. Our actions are driven by sound knowledge, empathy and passion. Grazia also benefits from an excellent back office team and a supportive group of dynamic business partners.

Alec Rauschenbusch

Alec Rauschenbusch, founder of grazia equity

Founder & Managing Director, First German Business Angel of the Year awarded by BAND (Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V.)

An entrepreneur by heart, I discovered my passion for technology and entrepreneurship early in life. I launched my own brand of windsurfing boards at the age of 16; designing and producing them myself. When I was 20 and studying aerospace technology at the Technical University in Munich, my sister and I managed the sole Cartier franchise in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It was our first company that we managed.

I gained great insight into process management and organization during my time at ABB and Behr after graduating from Harvard Business School. It was then that I realized both my love for adventure and helping young companies move forward. I am fascinated by technology and innovation. I like discovering and supporting things that make our world a better place.

My professional passion is working with fantastic entrepreneurs. I love surfing the best waves also at work. If you’re looking to establish something big and groundbreaking — something that is a positive contribution to our world — you should contact us.

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Jochen Klüppel

Jochen Klüppel, partner at Grazia Equity


Since 2002 I have had the best job on the planet. Even the years prior to that — first working for McKinsey, then founding an Internet company in 2000/2001 — were exciting. I count myself lucky to have been surrounded by innovative and inspiring topics ever since graduation from university.

My focus has and will continue to be riding the wave of the digital revolution. Supporting market-defining moments with companies like Mister Spex, Moviepilot, Statista, and Lingoda, Reelio and YEAY have allowed me to keep my finger on the pulse of global and generational impact. This means being ahead of time by months, or even years, in order to anticipate trends and competitive reactions. Maybe even redefining what customers might want and/or need.

I am proud to have actively contributed to a thriving German digital landscape for more than 15 years. And I am sure the best is yet to come. Current developments are exciting and promise a great future. I can’t wait to talk to you about your ideas and visions. You’re likely to find me in Berlin or Zurich, Switzerland.

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Dr. Benedikt Battke

Dr. Benedikt Battke, partner at Grazia Equity


I am thrilled by new businesses that disrupt established industries and advance our society. The challenge of entrepreneurs to understand technology, markets and society in order to shape the future fascinates me. I strive to address this challenge from different angles during my career.

As an economist by training (London School of Economics), I very much enjoyed to shape corporate strategies in the high-tech and energy sector at McKinsey. During my PhD on Energy Storage in Zurich (ETH) I discovered my passion for technological innovation. When I was responsible for the CASE portfolio (Connectivity, Autonomous, Service, Electrification) at Daimler I developed corporate venture strategy, prepared investment decisions, and supported start-ups. During this time we invested for instance in Chargepoint, Turo, Anagog and Volocopter. Yet I also value the societal aspect of entrepreneurship. This is why I worked as coach for startsocial and ETH pioneer fellowship.

I love working with founders that are driven by the ambition to move the world. As investor, I see myself as a passionate partner of entrepreneurs actively supporting them wherever possible – and I am looking forward to engage with you in this endeavour.

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Back Office

Sigrid Bader, Back Office bei Grazia Equity

Sigrid Bader

Lydia Pröger, back office at Grazia Equity

Lydia Pröger

Andrea Schweiger, back office at Grazia Equity

Andrea Schweiger

Katrin Upfold, back office at Grazia Equity

Katrin Upfold


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We always look for charismatic and analytical personalities for an internship at Grazia. You will get the possibility to take part in identifying, selecting and actively contributing to building world-changing companies with us.

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